Urban Segregation and Inequality publications and outputs

Here you will find a list of journal articles, briefing papers, working papers, blog posts and data maps by year of publication. You can also view media coverage related to the Urban Segregation and Inequality research here. 


Journal article: Not so welcome here? Modelling the impact of ethnic in-movers on the length of stay of home owners in micro neighbourhoods
Authors: Sue Easton and Gwilym Pryce
Journal: White Rose online
Date: 3rd April 2019


Journal article: Homophily horizons and ethnic mover flows among homeowners in Scotland 

Authors: Jessie Bakens and Gwilym Pryce
Journal: Housing Studies
Date: 1st October 2018

Journal article: Frontiers in residential segregation: understanding neighbourhood boundaries and their impacts

Authors: Nema Dean, Guanpeng Dong, Aneta Piekut, Gwilym Pryce
Journal: Journal of Economic and Social Geography
Date: 15th April 2018


Blog post:

Author: Jon Minton
Date: October 2017

AQMeN Impact Case Study: Measuring segregation and its impact: advancing our understanding of social change

Author: Gwilym Pryce
Date: June 2017

Journal article: A view through a window: social relations, material objects and locality 
Authors: Shirin Hirsch and Andrew Smith
Journal: The Sociological Review
Article first published on-line: July 28, 2017

Journal article: Remaking urban segregation: processes of income sorting and neighbourhood change

Authors: Nick Bailey, Wouter P C van Gent, Sako Musterd
Journal: Population, Space and Place
Date: April 2017

Journal article: Is the housing market blind to religion? A perceived substitutability approach to homophily and social integration
Authors: Gwilym Pryce and Dr Nema Dean
Journal: Urban Studies
Date: 11th January 2017


Guest blog: What SIMD 2016 tells us about the future for Scotland’s cities

SURF guest blog from Professor Nick Bailey and Dr Jonathan Minton

Blog post: Cities will just be playgrounds for rich if poor keep being pushed to suburbs – The Conversation
Nick Bailey and Jonathan Minton
Date: Wednesday, August 31, 2016

AQMeN blog post:
Author: Jonathan Minton
Date: 9th June 2016

Data map: Map of housing tenure by datazones – 2011 Scottish Census Data
This map is connected with the research into ‘Social Mix’ by PhD Student Johanna Jokio

Journal article: Is poverty decentralizing? Quantifying uncertainty in the decentralization of urban poverty
Authors: Leo Kavanagh, Duncan Lee & Gwilym Pryce
Journal: Annals of the American Association of Geographers.
Pages 1286 – 1298


AQMeN Research Briefing 8: Religious segregation in Belfast: detecting real change in patterns of population movement– Duncan Lee, Jonathan Minton and Author: Gwilym Pryce
Date: October 2015

Journal article: Spatial random slope multilevel modelling using multivariate conditional autoregressive models: a case study of subjective travel satisfaction in Beijing
Authors: Gavin (Guanpeng) Dong, Gwilym Pryce, Richard Harris and Jing Ma
Journal: Annals of the Association of American Geographers
DOI: 10.1080/00045608.2015.1094388


AQMeN Research Briefing 5: Poverty in suburbia: has Glasgow gone the way of American cities?

Authors:Leo Kavanagh, Duncan Lee and Gwilym Pryce
Date: November 2014