The Future of Education Data in Scotland event, June 2016

We are pleased to share the presentations from ‘The Future of Education Data in Scotland’ event which took place on 13th June 2016 in collaboration with The Scottish Government Education Analysis Division.

This one day seminar gave delegates an insight into the rich variety of education data sources available in Scotland and how this data is used by analysts and researchers from across Scottish Government and ScotCen and by AQMeN researchers from the University of Edinburgh and Sheffield Methods Institute.

Presentations from the day are available below and footage from the event is available via the AQMeN YouTube channel.

Developing an understanding of children’s education experiences: linked education data in the Growing Up in Scotland study – Paul Bradshaw, Head of ScotCen Social Research

Interpreting PISA data  – Jonathan Wright, Scottish Government Education Analysis Division

Social differentiation in school subject choices – Professor Cristina Iannelli, AQMeN Co-Director, University of Edinburgh

Examining the causal relationship between educational experience and criminal conviction using linked data – Professor Susan McVie, Director of AQMeN, University of Edinburgh

Educational achievement and the neighbourhood context – Professor Gwilym Pryce, AQMeN Co-Director and Director of Sheffield Methods Institute

Issues of data access – Laura Merenciano, Project Officer, ScotXed Unit, Scottish Government

The future of data – Roger Halliday, Scottish Government Chief Statistician

Further and Higher Education data – Daniel Harrison, Scottish Government