Education and Social Stratification publications and outputs

Here you will find a list of journal articles, briefing papers, working papers, blog posts and other outputs from the Education and Social Stratification research strand by year of publication. You can also find media coverage related this research here.


PhD Thesis: The effects of economic, social and cultural capital at home and in the neighbourhood on young people’s educational attainment

Author: Carla Cebula
Date: June 2019


Journal article: Fields of Study: Horizontal or Vertical Differentiation within Higher Education Sectors?

Authors: Cristina Iannelli, Adam Gamoran and Lindsay Paterson
Journal:Research in Social Stratification and Mobility
Date: October 2018

Book Chapter: Access, Progression and Retention in Further Education and Higher Education

Author: Cristina Iannelli

Editors: Bryce, T. G. K., Humes, W. M., Gillies, D., and Kennedy A.

Publication: Scottish Education (sixth edition) (chapter 75)

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press


AQMeN Research briefing: Employment inequalities in Europe during the 2008 financial crisis

Author: Dafni Dima
Date: November 2017

Journal article: Social origins, academic strength of school curriculum and access to selective higher education institutions: Evidence from Scotland and the USA

Authors: Adriana Duta, Cristina Iannelli, Brian An
Journal: The International Journal of Higher Education pages 1-16
Date: 17th July 2017

Working paper: Inequalities in school leavers’ labour market outcomes: do school subject choices matter?

Authors: Cristina Iannelli and Adriana Duta
Journal: Centre for Longitudinal Studies at UCL
Date: 28th June 2017

AQMeN Impact Case Study: Social inequalities in education and the graduate labour market

Author: Cristina Iannelli
Date: June 2017

Curriculum choices and school-to-work transitions among upper-secondary school leavers in Scotland and Ireland.

Authors: Cristina Iannelli and Emer Smyth
Journal: Journal of Education and Work – Special issue Bridging divides: An appreciation of the contribution of David Raffe (1950-2015) – forthcoming

Access, progression and retention in FE and HE

Author: Cristina Iannelli
Journal: Scottish Education, 5th edition, University of Edinburgh Press – forthcoming


Journal article: Curriculum differentiation and social inequality in higher education entry in Scotland and Ireland

Authors:Cristina Iannelli, Emer Smyth, Markus Klein
Journal:British Educational Research Journal, pages 561-581
Date: August 1st 2016

AQMeN Research Briefing 11: Why education matters for democracy

Author: Lindsay Paterson
Date: June 2016

ESRI Research Bulletin – Higher education selection: implications for social inequality

Authors: Cristina Iannelli, Emer Smyth, Markus Klein

AQMeN Research Briefing 9: Beyond access to HE: Widening Access initiatives and student retention in Scotland

Authors: Cristina Iannelli and Gitit Kadar-Satat
Date: February 2016

Beyond Access to HE: Widening Access initiatives and student retention in Scotland – Research Report to the Scottish Funding Council

Authors: Gitit Kadar-Satat and Cristina Iannelli
Date: 2016

CALLS Hub Impact case study: Education and Social Stratification: The role of subject choices in secondary education on further education studies and labour market outcomes

Authors: Cristina Iannelli and Markus Klein
Date: 2016

Book chapter: School subject choices and social class differences in entry to higher education – Comparing Scotland and Ireland
In H.-P. Blossfeld et al. (eds.) Models of Secondary Education and Social Inequality: An International Comparison (Pages 233-248).

Authors: Markus Klein, Cristina Iannelli and Emer Smyth.
Date: 2016

Summary report: Social inequalities in education: why and how national institutional factors matter

Authors: Cristina Iannelli, Emer Smyth, Sarah Minty, Lucy Hunter-Blackburn, Lindsay Paterson, Gitit Kadar-Satat, Adriana Duta and Ruth Silver.
Date: May 2016


Consultation response: Evidence submission to the Scottish Government Commission on Widening Access

Authors: Cristina Iannelli and Lindsay Paterson
Date: 2015

AQMeN Research Briefing 7: Subject choice and inequalities in access to Higher Education: comparing Scotland and Ireland

Author: Cristina Iannelli and Markus Klein
Date: March 2015

Journal article: The Impact of Social Origin on Graduates’ Early Occupational Destinations—An Anglo-German Comparison

Authors: Marita Jacob, Markus Klein and Cristina Iannelli
Journal: European Sociological Review, 31(4): 460–476
Date: 2015

Journal article: Vocational training and gender segregation across Europe

Authors: Emer Smyth and Stephanie Steinmetz
Journal: Comparative Social Research, vol. 31: 53-81
Date: 2015


AQMeN Research Briefing 6: Degrees of difference: Social inequalities in graduates’ job opportunities in the UK and Germany 

Authors:Markus Klein and Cristina Iannelli
Date: November 2014


Journal article: The role of school curriculum in social mobility

Author: Cristina Iannelli
Journal: British Journal of Sociology of Education
Date: 12th April 2013