Dataset published: Regional crime trends, local authority and community safety partnership crime trends data for Scotland, England and Wales: violence and burglary

AQMeN Research Associate Dr Ellie Bates has published this dataset which provides police recorded crime counts and related resident population estimates for all violence and burglary (housebreaking in Scotland) (data on burglary and violence is provided separately) for the financial years 2004-5 to 2015-16. This is a longitudinal data set with data aggregated by year to financial years (1st April in one year to 31st March in following year) for the years 2004-5 to 2015-16 inclusive. Data runs from 1st April 2004 as this is the date from which all nations had national crime recording standards for police recorded crime. The dataset has been prepared to provide comparative data at the regional level – in this case – local authority districts for Scotland, and Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs) as at 2015-16 in England and Wales.

Find out more about this dataset and access it via the UK Data Service ReShare website.