Stop and search in Scotland: transforming policy and practice and influencing cultural change

Part of the new AQMeN impact case study series, this document highlights the impact of the research undertaken by Dr Kath Murray and Professor Susan McVie around high rates of stop and search in Scotland. The research took place in 2014 with the findings having a transformative impact on policing in Scotland, including the introduction of a new Code of

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Building safer communities: changing the focus of crime reduction strategies in Scotland

This AQMeN impact case study draws on research from the Crime and Victimisation programme and highlights the impact of the research findings which have influenced crime reduction strategies through the Scottish Government ‘Building Safer Communities’ Board. Professor Susan McVie has been a member of the Board since inception in 2013 and has used evidence from the AQMeN research to inform

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Crime and Victimisation research overview

Dramatic drops in crime have been observed across many countries worldwide, but research has until very recently focused mostly on the US (see, for example, Lafree 1999; Levitt 2004; Blumstein & Wallman 2006). There has been little international comparative research (exceptions include Tseloni et al. 2010, Farrell et al. 2010), no comparison of the UK jurisdictions, and no research at

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