Presentations from AQMeN conference on ‘Rediscovering Inequalities’ – October 2016

We are very pleased to share the slides from our 5 keynote speakers at the AQMeN International Conference on Rediscovering Inequalities: exploring the interconnections between crime, education and urban segregation. You can also view these presentations on the AQMeN YouTube channel – see the notes under the videos for timings per presentation.

Day 1

Professor George Galster, Clarence Hillberry Professor of Wayne State University – Spatial foundations of inequality: a conceptual model.

Professor Yossi Shavit, Tel Aviv University – The troubled seeds of coexistence: Arab-Jewish integration in Israeli schools.

Professor Rob Sampson, Henry Ford II Professor of the Social Sciences at Harvard University – Multidimensional inequality across the life course.

Day 2

Professor Janne Jonsson, Fellow of Nuffield College, Oxford University – Why is there so little income mobility in the US – and the UK? The role of education and cognitive ability for intergenerational income associations in the UK, US, and Sweden

Professor Richard Wilkinson spoke about Inequality and social dysfunction.