Education and Social Stratification research media coverage


7th July 2017 – ‘I’m less than positive that destination data is sound’
Cristina Iannelli wrote an opinion piece for the Times Educational Supplement Scotland (TESS)

28 Jun 2017 – Subject choices do not help employment hopes of poorer students, study finds

Herald Scotland’s Gerry Braiden looks at the findings from Cristina Iannelli and Adriana Duta on the labour market outcomes for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

05 May 2017 –  Leavers in zero-hours jobs are classed as a success

Professor Cristina Iannelli, leader of the AQMeN Education and Social Stratification research programme strand, was cited in the Times Educational Supplement (Scotland) by Emma Seith’s regarding the latest Scottish Government results on ‘positive destinations’ for school leavers.

2016 coverage:

26 Nov 2016 – ‘Grammars: We must concentrate on what happens in classrooms, not the label on the school gate’

Professor Cristina Iannelli’s paper on ‘The role of the school curriculum in social mobility’ was cited in a recent Times Educational Supplement (TES) article about the reintroduction of Grammar schools proposed by the UK Government.

06 Jan 2016 – ‘Accidental bias’ mars HE equal access ambitions in Scotland

A lack of information for parents about the subjects that universities prefer is leading to an ‘accidental cultural bias’ against poorer students, it is claimed. Sam Phipps reports.

2015 coverage:

Nov 15 – Subject choice is vital in improving children’s life chances, researchers say

Times Educational Supplement Scotland draws on research from the AQMeN Education and Social Stratification strand, looking at the role of subject choice in creating inequalities in access to education.

04 Nov 2015 – Subject choice in Scottish schools “discriminates” against poorer pupils 

Pupils from Scotland’s poorest backgrounds are being excluded from university because of subject choices at school, new research shows.

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