Crime and Victimisation media coverage

2017 coverage:

How Scotland reduced knife deaths among young people 3rd December 2017

The Guardian’s Gary Younge quotes Susan McVie on the drop in violent crime among young people in Scotland

Black people more likely to be searched by police, report finds – 4th July 2017
The National reports on the review prepared by Susan McVie and Kath Murray for the Scottish Police Authority on scrutiny of Police Scotland use of stop and search.

Police more likely to search black people and Gypsies

4th July 2017 – Herald Scotland’s Mark McLaughlin on the Scottish Police Authority report by Susan McVie and Kath Murray regarding scrutiny of Police Scotland’s use of stop and search in terms of proportionality, fairness and effectiveness.

Shock new figures reveal Scots cops are TWICE as likely to stop-and-search black people and FIVE times as likely to frisk a gypsy traveller

4th July 2017 – A new report based on research by Susan McVie and Kath Murray around Police Scotland Stop and Search policies, found that people from ethnic minorities have significantly increased chances of being stopped and searched.

Police more likely to search non-whites, report says

4th July 2017 – BBC Online coverage of the SPA report by Susan McVie and Kath Murray

The Scottish Police Authority report referred to in these news articles can be found at the SPA website.  

This coverage connects with the Transforming Stop and Search in Scotland research project.

29th June 2017 – Susan McVie was interviewed for BBC Radio Four’s ‘Law in Action’ programme discussing the increase in conviction rates for sex crimes. You can listen again on the BBC Iplayer site.

February 2017 – Why are European kids committing fewer crimes? They’re too busy on their phones

AQMeN Director Susan McVie was quoted by Rick Noack in The Washington Post,  discussing the fall in youth crime rates across Europe.

2016 coverage:

November 2016 –  Convict spotting algorithm criticised

AQMeN Director Professor Susan McVie discusses the risk of “statistics-led research with no theoretical underpinning” – referring to the development of a new program in China which aims to identify criminals based on their faces.

2015 Coverage:

November 2015 – Scotland’s poorest people more likely to be victims of crime

A study by Edinburgh University has shown Scotland’s poorest people are both victims and perpetrators of crime and recent police clear-up rates have not helped the worst-hit areas of our towns and cities.

November 2015 – Scottish justice system ‘punishes poorer people

Scotland’s criminal justice system punishes poorer people and makes it difficult for them to escape poverty – BBC Scotland quotes research findings from a study involving AQMeN, The University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh Study of Youth Transitions and Crime.

July 2015 – Crime falls to a new low – but who benefits?

Holyrood Magazine quotes research carried out by the Edinburgh Study of Youth Transitions and Crime, involving AQMeN Director Professor Susan McVie.

June 2015 – Has Glasgow shed its reputation as ‘murder capital of Western Europe’?

NPR radio interview with AQMeN Director Professor Susan McVie regarding Glasgow reputation as a violent, dangerous city.